Here in this blog, you’ll find an amalgapodge (<–this word is a mash up of “amalgam” and “hodgepodge” that I accidentally invented once, but kept in my vocabulary because I love it) of things. Poems, essays, songs (once I get it together and get my songs recorded), and maybe eventually a piece of visual art or two. All of it is original material, unless indicated otherwise.

Topics vary wildly– I tend to write based on what moves me most at any given moment in relation to what is happening in my internal life, external life, and the world. They include (but are not limited to) mental health, trauma, activism/politics, self-doubt/self-esteem, spirituality, philosophy (particularly, philosophies that guide how we live), and creativity.

Some posts contain new material and others contain old material (that I’ve either never before released or haven’t shared recently). When releasing old material, I notate the date of its writing in parentheses.

I’m SO happy you’re here. Creativity gives me life– it’s one of the things that make existence in this chaotic and crazy world feel meaningful and worthwhile. Writing this blog is a glorious journey in and of itself, but the fact that you want to share the journey with me makes it even more wonderful. Thank you for reading. ❤