Mr. Nott

There was a teacher
in my high school
who was strange
in the best possible
Many people made fun of him,
even other teachers.
But he helped me,
an outcast,
a weirdo,
who frequently thought about suicide,
to see I wasn’t
That’s when I decided
that it is better
to deeply impact a few
than to superficially please

(written Dec. 2017)

*This poem is dedicated to its eponym, Mr. Robin Nott. Thank you, Mr. Nott, for your wisdom and authenticity. Through being who you genuinely are, you inspired me to do the same.

We Don’t Know Shit


Don’t trust anything I say on this blog as absolute knowledge or truth. Take nothing at face value, unless it resonates with your own intuition. We each form our worldviews by connecting about twelve of the billions of dots that make up the universe (I stole that last sentence from somewhere, though I’ve been unable to find the attribution). I am only an expert on my own experiences, which are an infinitely small part of the pool of the experiences of all life.

A humble truth: No matter how much we know, we don’t know shit.