Sometimes We Can Find Meaning, Even When We Can’t Find Happiness

“What’s the point of life
if you aren’t going to be happy doing it?”
is a lovely,
and often useful,

But for those of us with depression,
happiness isn’t always within reach.

My depression is so long-lasting
(I fear it may be lifelong),
that it has prompted me to ask myself,
“Is an unhappy life still worth living?”
“Is there a purpose to life beyond happiness?”

This morning,
a more effective question
for pushing myself to live intentionally
popped into my head:
“What’s the point of unhappiness
if you aren’t going to live
while doing it?”

(P.S. For my readers with depression: I know that sometimes, in deep bouts, “living” is completely out of the question. Sometimes, all you can aim for is surviving. That is okay too. <3)

We Don’t Know Shit


Don’t trust anything I say on this blog as absolute knowledge or truth. Take nothing at face value, unless it resonates with your own intuition. We each form our worldviews by connecting about twelve of the billions of dots that make up the universe (I stole that last sentence from somewhere, though I’ve been unable to find the attribution). I am only an expert on my own experiences, which are an infinitely small part of the pool of the experiences of all life.

A humble truth: No matter how much we know, we don’t know shit.