Writing Sad Things

β€œArt should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable.”-Cesar Cruz

I need to stop sitting alone
and writing sad things
to go out into the world
and have fun.

I need to stop going out into the world
and having fun
to sit alone
and write sad things.

Sex Dreams IV

In case you’re confused about the Roman numeral in the title, this poem is an excerpt from a series of poems entitled “Sex Dreams” — the others (Sex Dreams I, Sex Dreams II, etc.) are not on the blog. πŸ™‚ The titles are a play on words, as the poems are really about dreams of preventing and healing trauma and creating a better culture around sexuality.


My deepest sex dream
is that one day
we will create a world
in which it is safe for
women and girls
to discover and explore
their sexuality
without fear
of physical
or reputational

Arbiter of Truth

When you find yourself
relentlessly trying
to explain yourself to someone,
stop for a moment
and ask yourself
why you’re doing that.
Are you trying to make them
understand your choices
or agree with your opinions
deep down,
you don’t trust your own
opinions and choices?
Do you need the green light from them
before you can give yourself the green light?
If so,
stop letting them be
the arbiter of your truth.
Tirelessly trying
to make someone understand you
is abdicating your responsibility
to define the credibility of your own
decisions, life experiences, and/or beliefs.
And no one
is more qualified than you
to make those calls.