This poem is a response to/continuation of my last poem 🙂

Then again,
maybe I’d want
to be a mixture
in some ways
and a compound
in others.
I can’t deny
that love
often changes us
depending on
the type of change,
that can be a really

P.S. If there happen to be any grammar nerds reading this who are willing and able to help me…..
Assuming we’re following standard American English rules, how would you structure the last sentence of the poem in terms of commas and semicolons? I was pretty stumped there. 😀


For some reason, I’ve been really into writing poems about relationships using science metaphors lately. This is made more interesting by the fact that I haven’t taken a science class since high school, and only vaguely remember many of the concepts we learned. Let’s hope my Google research of these concepts has not steered me wrong 😛


If I ever decide
to commit
to a long-term
romantic partnership,
I’d want our relationship
to be a mixture,
not a compound.
I’d want us to
join together
while still retaining
our individual


Your words and actions
are like raindrops
that fall on every person and thing
you meet
Sometimes, they fall on rocks
that remain unchanged and unaffected
as you roll off of them
Sometimes, they fall on sponges
that drink you in
and allow your essence,
good or bad,
will seep into their pores.
Always speak and act
with compassion
For you never know
when you’re meeting a sponge
And sometimes,
just one of your tiny drops
can be an ocean of clean water
for someone dying of thirst
or a violent storm
for someone whose foundation
was already

(written summer 2019)